Presentation JDK 8 Compact Profiles for Embedded and Oracle ADF Mobile on iOS Devices

JDK 8 has introduced a new Compact Profiles feature that allows for three JDK 8 spec–compliant subsets of Java SE 8 APIs. Compact Profiles will enable the creation of JDK 8 Java runtimes that will be able to support configurations that previously were possible only with the CDC version of J2ME based on the Java SE 1.4.2 language and APIs. This session describes the contents of Compact Profiles, how to build and use them, and the details of the Oracle-provided OpenJDK and binary implementations for Java Embedded and the Oracle ADF Mobile feature of Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF). It also discusses Compact Profile use cases such as Java Embedded, Oracle ADF Mobile for iOS, and Android platforms and application store packaging.